Who didn't see that coming?

So 2020 sucked ass, 20221 is looking to be pretty interesting now as well. The events in D.C. yesterday (1/6) are far from surprising to me, but man it hurt to see it happening. Especially the loss of life of an unarmed Air Force Veteran shot and killed by Capital Police through a window.
Now today we have calls from the left for Senators who challenged the results to resign, calls for Trump to be removed immediately, etc… and of course calling anyone who was there terrorist.
After an entire year of violent Antifa/BLM Protest, to include the months long siege of a Federal Court house in Portland, all of which were minimized, supported by, and enabled by politicians on the left, they can all go F themselves.
Never mind that this all really began a decade ago with Obama inciting racial tensions, and the false narratives of “institutional racism”. Or in the last election cycle(2016) where violence against political opponents was actually promoted by the left (to include numerous high ranking leaders of the Democrat Party).
Never mind that the Left has tried for 5 years to remove Trump from office using “Russia Collusion”, something they knew damned well was untrue and actually put in play to aid Clinton in light of her email scandal. Never mind a bogus political witch hunt that led to a failed attempt to remove via impeachment, over something the incoming President himself actually did in the Ukraine.
Then there was the virus, and the election and the left leapt at the chance to turn the election system upside down and in their favor. If it was not for that, Trump would have won easily.
I am stuck here in Mass until the youngest step kid gets through high school. After that, I am going to find the reddest state possible and get there. If we do not have an all out civil war between now and then that is. I think we are so much closer to that than anyone wants to admit, and I blame the left almost entirely for it.
We always had our loons on the right, but they were few in number and pretty insignificant. The Left has successfully provided them with all the ammo they needed, and not only alienated a large swath of the right, but the middle as well. The left normalized attacks on conservatives, and then they wonder after years of actual violence why the Capital was overrun? (they forget that the left has occupied the capital in protest as well, but yeah…)
Rant over… for now at least.