The Short Bus Redux

Or rather continued… for those who know this needs no introduction and for those that don’t you can dip your toe in a priceless piece of internet gold.

I happily reintroduce, the Short Bus!


Hey @Muddy-Rigger24 welcome back!

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I call ball turret lol

Where are all my helmet wearing window lickers at?

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:wave: Once I get this bus running nobody better be sitting in my driver seat.

Wow…she looks rather rough, like she was rode hard and put away rusty! Glad to have her back in our lives…ATW!

She has been sitting idle in the ditch where we left her 10 years ago! Don’t worry, we’ll issue everyone camo sticks and finger paint and have her looking STRAC

OG translation: STRAC is an OLD term meaning Strictly According (to regulations)

Meh, it’ll buff out…

Yeah she needs some PMCS and a new coat of CARC, better get your DDC card and military license updated Mark!

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There better not be any motherfucker sitting in my seat

<Puts a helmet on a stuffed bee and puts it in the driver’s seat> Save her seat, buddy.