SFCABNCIB at the final DZ

One of the Pnet originals. Rest easy, Jonn.


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He did a great job with his blog. Blue skies and green lights SFC L.

Rest in peace SFC, you are missed.

Till Valhalla John we will meet again.

Gone too soon, one of the OGs, his blog was always a must read.


RIP Trooper. I remember you from the early days of PNet.

He was a great person, an advocate for Veterans, and a pitbull holding those who dishonored them to the fire. He truly held to his beliefs on stolen valor, and worked tirelessly to make sure those who dishonored the military with their lies were held to account.
That got him some real “fans” who threatened him, took him to court with frivolous lawsuits , etc… but he never once waivered.
I know if there truly is a Valhalla/Heaven that he is standing there in a place of honor.

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