Reagantrooper here

Hi my name is: Reagantrooper

An interesting fact about me is: Not sure when I first joined Pnet but it was a long time ago, maybe 97 - 99 maybe 00.

I joined this site because: Need to get the fuck off FB and other anti American social media.

My background includes: 325 AIR


One of the last great Presidents. IMO.

And FaceFacist and the other 5th columns are a reason Iā€™m sure many of us are here.

172 Bde/6th ID for what it matters. AATW. :wink:

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I was in the 82nd under Reagan
313th ā€˜83-ā€˜86

Maybe the best president since Washington

Welcome again! Iā€™m pretty sure I know the man behind the cloak. Hope you are doing well.