Put yourself in for an OG Award

OG badges are available for those who qualify. View at Badges

  1. Master blaster if you were an old member pre or near the 9/11 and black beret timeframe.

  2. Senior OG were here back in the day helped out in specialized areas or created new sites and resources

  3. Basic OG were here before the move to social media.

Make your case and remind us of your status to get approved for your award.

pnet Pretty sure I was a pathfinder, if not then Chalk 1 so Mast Blaster OG it is


Let’s see, I got in right after 9/11. May have hosted a “Gathering”, but I am trying to black some of that out. Caused you headaches with TCA42(anyone ever hear from Dennis?) harassing terrorist using hotlinks on the forum… oh, and then there was that phony ass claiming to be Marine with a Navy Cross who got outed because of his drunken messages claiming that to myself and a few others.


@Rb325th I believe I immortalized him in a phony veteran ID card I cooked up

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I think I can make a case for Master blaster, lol, the meet up in Reno still ranks as one of my favorites!

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So if I was in from 1980 to 1984, went to Jump School in early 83 after going from Polk to Bragg, do I qualify for senior discount?

You already get your AARP bennies.

Mark, if I don’t qualify for OG and many others that I don’t know who else would. I do believe that you and I planned the first Airborne Gathering of P.net way, way back when. :slight_smile:


That just makes you a young trooper in my book. Got to go back another decade or so to make it old.


But then again chronic ankle, foot and back pain. But according to the VA, not service connected. Note to the young bucks… Document everything, even a headache…

@Arctic_Airborne yes we did. I remember that little get together.

I wouldn’t say I am a Master Blaster OG, but I made my first post to the old P-Net in the 2002-2003 timeframe. I definitely see some old handles I recognize on here. Still waiting on Paracowboy to show back up.

I arrived on the scene a week after 9/11. Was a mod, did the minute for troops deal where we sent them phone cards, and did everything I could to make fun of Sticky and any other Engineer. :smile:

I’m new here and don’t quite understand everything you guys are talking about. As a SP4, I graduated jump school at Fort Bragg!!! in '83.
I’ve jumped C130s, 141s, Chinooks tailgate and dangled CONEX), Huey’s, and once jumped into Mott Lake in yellow PT shorts, T-shirt, combat boots, steel pot, and Mae West.

Ha. This award is just for those who were part of the old site. Paratrooper.net went online in January 1998 and retired to allow social media to be used in 2010