Gun chat, what are you running and why?

After leaving the service I got married and kids soon followed, @riggershh6 was a no go at this station when it came to weapons in the house and we didnt live or work in anyplace that warranted the need (I was also broke most of the time) .

Over the last few years the kids have gone and the money situation improved. The neighbors were headed to the range and I joined in so buying my own handgun was on my mind. With COVID19 and the riots and unrest even my wife was at a point where I’d things go sideways we would prefer to be a bit more self reliant.

I picked up a Springfield Armory XDM Tactical Elite OSP since i had a chance to use the XDM and this one offered a 22 round mag capacity in 9mm and since I’m not getting any younger i liked the milling and plates available for fitting one of three top brands of red dot sites (still looking for which I’ll add)

I’m going to get into the new year and take the conceal carry class and at that point I think I may pickup the Springfiled Armory Hellcat which is essentially a small version that will be good for my wife to fire at the range and as a potential EDC firearm.

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I haven’t upgraded or changed in years. Don’t get around much anymore and miss it. No range time or shopping makes Johnny a dull boy. This 9mm really interests me with a 22 round mag. With disabilities a lot of on board loading is a great idea. Does anyone know where I can get a home delivery LOL.

Good choice, I won’t list what I have for various Kaliformmia reasons. It’s a start Mark. I mean even the threaded barrel is illegal here let alone a 22 round mag.

Now you have to teach your wife to use it. And then you need to pick yourself up a reliable scatter gun. Look at a Remington 700 for instance. Long gun next. If ARs are not available where you live there are other options that you will be comfortable with.

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Grouchy, I would give your local gun shop a call. You can order firearms on line (at least in some states) but they have to be delivered to an FFL dealer. Paperwork and all. Not like ordering from the Sears catalog when we were kids.

There are stores and then there will be FFL dealers that work out of their homes. I’m sure that if you got in contact with one of them they might (for a fee of course) actually come to you, fill out the paperwork and deliver it to you.

Thanks AA, I know that but it still leaves me having to go to the gun dealer. So I was looking for a grubhub for guns.


Going to get my conceal carry permit after the new year and I’ll likely toy with that AR idea but need to find a place to use it now and then.

My carry is a Rock Island Commander model .45 shoots like a tack driver and I like the feel of it when I shoot. I just traded my SIG 320 in 9mm, nice gun with a romeo red dot site but some issues wit the extractor and the trigger mechanism helped me decide to get rid of it. I used the scratch from selling it to purchase a PSA AKV pistol in 9mm. with the stabilizing brace, 35 round magazines and the ability to mount a red dot and Olite on the rail make this my new truck gun. I highly recommend any PSA firearms, they are built tough and function well.

Your choice for a first firearm is a good solid one, I recommend the Romeo site for your pistol, thye work well and won’t let you down.

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Mark, hard to conceal carry an AR. Pretty sure that a CWP in your state would apply to a handgun. There are probably transport restrictions for long guns.

Ha, I am looking at a hellcat for EDC but in Illinois you need a conceal carry just to have the magazine and weapon in the same space if accessible to the owner. Its painfully annoying.

I have been carrying an M&P .45, but have several other choices to include a M&P bodyguard for shorts season. I am pretty limited on what I can legally own/purchase here in Commiechussetts, and fear that may be a nationwide thing before too long.
I bought my wife a M&P 9EZ (not recalled) for Christmas as she just got her CCL. Need to take her to the range, if I can find enough 9mm.

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I have a few pistol and rifle calibers and also reload all of them too.
All common calibers

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If someone has or knows of 9mm that is a reasonable price let me know. Crazy that people ping me about 1.00/rd and ask if I’m interested.

If you are on MeWe, they let you communicate with others to buy and/or trade

I’m a member of several reloading sites and with supplies drying up, that has helped a lot of people

There are many other groups too

Just avoid Gun Broker. People are bat shit crazy with prices there

Thanks though I haven’t gotten to mewe yet. Going to wait for the social media battle royals to end so I know the winner.

HA. I wish Grouchy. Thanks to the gun control act of 1968, dealers can’t mail directly to buyers. I know you already knew that, but sure like your thinking. I prefer the vending machine method. Hmmm, let me see, I think I’ll get B9 today. Damn, it got stuck and didn’t drop. Took my $300 and ripped me off. Stupid vending machine. :slight_smile:

My CC is a Ruger LC9s. The wife carries a Taurus G2C. Hopefully ammo prices will go down once we get through the next couple of months of this political circus with B*den “leading” the charge.