Greetings! Jeff82 is back

Jeff82 here. Long time no see! I’ve been off internet bulletin boards for several years. We’ll see how this goes. My grandkids take up so much of my time! My wife and I have them almost more than their parents do! They are in emergency services so they have 12 and 24 hour shifts to deal with.
Spent my time with B Co., 1/325th AIR, 82d Abn Div, '82-'85 as an 11Bangbang.
See ya’ll around.

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Welcome. Im afraid this site doesnt get a lot of traffic. I set it up around the time everyone was threatening to bail out of organized social media. Been thinking about turning it into a place you go when in FB jail.

Good to see you, Jeff

Hey guys! I’ve got a down day from watching grandkids. I need it! Coffee!