Been off the Grid for a bit

Getting old really sucks… having medical issues is even worse. About 6 years ago I had a scan done to check for my yearly allowance of kidney stones and to my surprise, gallstones popped up also. I was told not to worry about them right then but eventually it would become a thing that would need to be dealt with. 2 weeks ago my body started to revolt in a bad way and I was diagnosed with Sepsis. Needless to say a trip to the ER landed me 6 days in the hospital while they tried to get my white cell count to a normal range, my fever down and my o2 stats above 90. I have been home for a little over a week now and still have my drainage bag attached while I continue taking mass amounts of antibiotics. Surgery is scheduled for the 7th of Jan to have my gallbladder removed. Men, listen to your body and dont try to tough it out.

Well hell in a hand basket @Tcv21 glad to hear you’re getting things squared away. Kidney stones suck and I don’t want to deal with gall stones but certainly not sepsis. How the hell did you get sepsis without rupturing something?

Stay safe keep your head down and try to enjoy the holidays then get sorted and back home safe. That’s one hell of a way to get out of all the Christmas holiday eating I bet.