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Check in, introduce yourself and let others know who you are and when and where you served.

This forum is a bit different than I’m used to. I mostly stay in the automotive forums for discussion. I’m glad P.net is back. I think about eight years ago my bro, Ranger Cat discovered the previous forum and reconnected with some Ranger buds. We actually went to a Arctic Ranger reunion in Las Vegas eight years ago. I found APO and went to some reunions myself including AAW in 2016 and 2017.
I’m missing the part about myself. I served at Ft Bragg during the period 6-72/ 12-74 with the 4/68 Airborne Armor in Old Division area. We had our own corner of the post at the end of Pope AFB runway. During those days C-130’s seemed to be flying over our heads constantly during our morning formations.
I discovered the 4/68 Armor group on FB many years ago when we had about two people and one of those passed away leaving me the choice of group admin. So we’ve grown our group to about two hundred members and we’re allied with the 3/73 Armor and 3/73 Cavalry group which is about triple the size of our group. I guess we’ll see who shows up here.